Pain scares us

Pain we deny it

Pain we cover it and we mask it

Pain is in us
we ignore it

this is my skin

my skin covers the veins
in veins, pain flows


Red is the color of my pain
Red is hidden

at night I wear ear-plugs
no external noise bothers my sleep


In the silence I hear the beat of my heart
and the flow of my blood

in the silence, I hear my pains
flowing at the rhythm of a beat

no kids crying, no pigs being slaughtered
no women being raped, no starving men asking me for money


my silent pains flowing in me...



clear, aseptic skin
detailed as we've never seen it

skin to hide my sins

my sins are my pain

to feel it makes me ashame
to feel it embarasses me

skin that protects me from the sight of my own blood:
my pains

blood is pain
and pain hurts

Blood flows in our veins

in the complete silence of the night,

no external sound,
just Me
in the silence

just silence

the flow of the blood in our veins determines the threshold of our silence

the flow of the pain determines the threshold of our silence
the deeper the pain, the higher the threshold

and the threshold becomes our censure