Hommage a Karl Blossfeldt 
a photographs exhibitions by Roberto Stephenson.
Place: Ethno Design, Petion-Ville, Haiti
Date: 24th of may, 24th of July 2001
Technique: digital inkjet prints from digital photographs
Size: min.12"x12" (30x30cm), max. 12"x18" (30x46cm)
Karl Blossfeldt lived between the XX and the XXI century.
He started working as a helper of an iron-monger designing
gates and fences inspired by nature, then he studied and
became a teacher of botanichs where he started to use
photography to show his students the essence of plants, 
and through this he discovered the power of close-up 
He so decided to dedicate himself mainly to show that the
forms of nature are Art for themselves.
With his photographs, 100 years later, he was able to 
surprise me and inspire me. 
For me his work is one we should all start from to see beauty
where we're not used to, because the laziness that keeps
our "eyes wide shut" is the main cause of our ignorance.

Roberto Stephenson
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