Rules limit the space,
Long large grey lines of asphalt 
traced on the ground.
These lines we call roads.
Roads are there to tell us 
where not to move.
On roads we have other lines 
traced on them, white.
These lines are symbols; 
each symbol is a rule 
there to tell us where 
and how to go.
Concrete and bricks are 
there to shape space
Shaped spaces are 
called buildings.
Buildings tell us where 
not to live and not to work.
One building limits its inner space.
Many buildings shape an outer space.
This outer space is filled with words, 
symbols, ...rules.
Strongly suggested, the messages are 
hard to be ignored.
Suggestions on how to live and think 
and move and eat and drink and dress.
This is a city.

This is a work about a city, Port au Prince,
where rules and limitations are 
just suggestions blown in the wind.