about me
I was born in Roma in 1964 from 
Haitian father and Italian mother, 
lived in Roma (Italy), Aleppo 
(Syria), Amman (Jordan), New York 
(USA), Ahmedabad (India), London 
(UK), now living in Port au Prince (Haiti).
Studies: not many, but tried to 
attempt the university in engineering for 
two months, after tried with graphic 
design school; in the meanwhile I was 
a mechanic (dream of my youth), 
a carpenter, a models builder for a 
design company, a builder, a gardener 
and a photographer  assistant.
Opened my first photographic studio in 
1990 in Rome with 4 other 
photographers which we mainly used 
for great parties as was a huge place 
and we where all working on location.
In 1993 we left the studio and I started 
changing my way of looking at things.
Still there

the vision...
...is not hoping in a better world,
 it is more a trip in the hidden side
of reality. Not really trying to
change things, to make them appear
what they're not, more giving them
back the poetry that belongs to them
and that some kind of forma-mentis
has taken them off...
...maybe is trying to reestablish a short
look on things, exactly like when we're
in a crowd looking for someone
we look always too far away...
...maybe is a floating-in-the-mud sensation
where actions are in slow motion...
the iter
when as a teenager I started taking photograph, I 
remember trying to copy the ideas of my idols. I 
was stroke by the rest of cigarettes squeezed on 
the asphalt by  Irving Penn, and in a certain 
degree by the reevaluation of every day's life 
objects that the Pop-Art did 20 years before. At 
the time I just buried that attraction for the unusual.
What I instead developed was a very precise 
shooting and lighting technique that I mostly used
for my commercial and architectonical assignments.
I had to wait about ten years for those ideas to be 
tired to be on a waiting list, and thereafter my 
philosophy changed completely and I was proud to 
refer to myself as to an artist, so I started exhibiting 
my works. This happened around 1994